Our Reinvention Of The Swinging Punkah Fan

(now for everybody to indulge in)


Tranquility through slow movements mimicking a natural pendulum. Helps to calm down and relax.


Almost soundless through computer controlled electric motors and intelligent power trains.


Breezes like gentle summer winds allow for a smooth chilling sensation.


Low speed, low torque and an automatic safety stop on blockage for a save operation.


Frequent natural breezes instead of constant top down draft for a healthier chill effect.


Each component was carefully chosen for best value and quality to guarantee a long lifetime.


Energy saving due to our unique counterweight technology. Average power consumption of appr. 15W.


Energy cost saving due to mixing warm (high areas) and cool (low areas) temperature zones in closed environments.


According to the ancient principle of Feng-Shui a swinging fan helps to distribute the Chi in a room.

All our punkah fans are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.
The Sensu Punkah is based on the powertrain and reliable technology of our flagship ceiling fan The Solitaire Punkah and incorporates many additional features.

Inspired by Ancient Egypt

24 premium ostrich feathers from South Africa in combination with 72 sparkling Swarovski® crystals make this a truly majestic fan.


Feel like a Maharadja

With a maximum wingspan of up to 2,15 m (7 ft) boasting hundreds of hand picked feathers this fan is the ultimate eyecatcher.


Efficient Breezes for all Areas

With up to nearly 1,5 sqm (16 sqft) of fire retardant fabric this fan is the perfect choice to support or even replace AC in any space

Origamilight II is an extremely thin module made from acylic and handfolded Japanese paper. Each module is backlit by state of the art LED technology and glows in crème, apricot and orange hues depending on the brightness of the surrounding area, therefore it changes appearance throughout the day. The threedimensional paper tiles remind of a kaleidoscope when changing the angle of view.


Origamilight ll modules can be installed next to each other to form an impressive wall cladding, a wall hanging object or it can be integrated into furniture. A side table (466x466x600mm) and a couch table (872x872x250mm) with integrated Origamilight ll modules are available in different wood finishes. Only suitable for indoor areas.

Material: Acrylic, Japanese paper

Size: Module including LED illumination 406x406x23mm,

Illumination: LED 24VDC/4.1W, warm white


Lightime is a timeless oil lamp in the shape of an hour glass. It turns the measuring of time upside down by feeding the flame from the lamp oil in the lower container. Watch time go by while the oil transforms into the warm flicker of a natural flame.

H x D: 130 x 80 mm
Weight: 280 g
Material: Heat resistant glass


RAIN³ is a plexi glass cube with an edge length of 400 mm. Inside are thin plexi glass tubes through which water is falling. The sound that is created is very relaxing and reminds of a rain shower. The water forms individual textures and patterns in each tube, sometimes barely showing drops, sometimes a free falling constant water stream, sometimes a spiraling slow water flow. The water is illuminated by warm or cool white LEDs.

L x W x H: 400 x 400 x 400 mm
Height including tank: 500 mm
Weight: Appr. 15 kg with water
Power Supply: 240 VAC
White plexiglass

Indoor use only


SUGARCUBELIGHT is an ambiance lamp with a shade made of real sugar. To stabilize the sugar cube shade a little bit of clear resin is added and the cube is finished with a clear coat. The sugar crystals turn the cold light of a CFL into a golden glow, which is the perfect complement to candles for spots where just a little more light is required.

H x W x D: 195 x 120 x 120 mm
Weight: 1,7 kg
Material: Sugar, Resin
Base: Oiled American Walnut
11 W CFL
240 VAC (110 VAC on request)


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